School-Based Services

are provided in comprehensive and Alternative School setting. These services provide assistance to students, their families and school staff toward enhancing student performance and school climate. In particular, these components include:

  • Student/Parent Assistance: Provide services to students who have been expelled/suspended from school or with other school behavior problems. Assist with alternative school placement and/or school re-entry process.

  • Conflict Mediation: Provide one-on-one and group intervention, resolve student conflicts and prevent violence on campus.

  • Gang outreach: Reach out to students exhibiting gang involvement behaviors on campus and intervene to divert negative behaviors.

At-risk Youth and Parent Services

work with parents and their youth who exhibit high-risk and gang involved behavior. These youth may be at-risk of or have become involved in the juvenile justice system. In particular, these services include:

  • Youth intervention services: Provide personal coaching, assistance with achieving personal/social/educational/vocational goals and securing needed services and opportunities.

  • Parent Education and Support Services: Educate parents to identify the signs of high-risk behaviors and gang involvement of their children/youth. Assist/coach parents on re-directing their youth’s high risk and gang involved behaviors.

  • Gang Outreach and Diversion Services: Community outreach to gang impacted/involved at-risk youth and assist those who want to leave the gang lifestyle. Provide emergency assistance, crisis response, and conflict mediation services to reduce escalation of street/gang related violence.

Leadership Development Services

are designed to provide an early intervention program to divert middle and high school youth from getting further involved in youth crime, violence, substance abuse, and/or gangs. These services provide our youth with new opportunities for personal growth through exposure to new role models, social/recreational alternatives, leadership projects, and participating life skills/education groups. In particular, this program may include several of the following components:

  • Mentoring Services: Expose youth to alternative lifestyles, opportunities and new positive adult relationships.

  • Community Service Projects: Provide leadership opportunities to plan and participate in giving back to others through community service projects.

  • Social/recreation: Provide opportunities to participate in pro-social activities and outing to learn about and appreciate new healthy leisure/education activities, social and nature settings.